SunZael and Markus Conversation Note

A note written on a magical scroll, which Sun’Zael & Markus Viltruvean have been using to update each other. The note was intercepted by The Adventurers in their siege of Sun’Zael’s Oakhurst ruin hideout, and her writing has been forged in an effort to coax information out of Markus.

Sun’Zael, I have not had any word from ‘Xa Ghul in over a week. I have received word that the dead no longer walk amongst Cuthbert Hamlet. I can only assume that he has failed to locate Alains key. I’ve sent agents to the monastery to investigate what’s become of him. In the meantime, continue your investigation into the Oakhurst lead. Have you made any progress? - M

Markus, What? How could he have failed? I prepared that spell of holding myself. With Morah kept at bay there could be nothing to trouble him. What of the Black Skull Clan hired to accompany him and his charges? Keep me informed of what is found at the Monastery. I have made little progress in Oakhurst. I have found a merchant who likely sold one of the keys, but he has left The Valley and his ignorant son has been left in charge of his storefront. I will continue trying to find out what I can, but I fear there may be nothing worth interest in Oakhurst. What can you tell me of Baelzen’s research in Fallcrest? Has anything been found within the libraries there? Those Dopplegangers did not come cheap to us – He’d better not fail as terribly as ‘Xa Ghul has. - S

Sun ‘Zael, Baelzen has uncovered some valuable information indeed – an ancient text written about an underwater city known as ‘Possiah’. He continues his research, but he believes one of the keys could very well be guarded there. To what length would they have gone to keep Ackaladar imprisoned behind that gate? Enough hopeful thinking. Our agents have returned from Cuthbert Monastery –Our brethren have been slain, The Black Skulls destroyed or routed. The Darkstone has been shattered. ‘Xa Ghul lies dead. Morah remains imprisoned – our brethren trusted with holding his spell remain in their hibernation trance. They did not raise Alain –They found a secret passageway hidden within a statue in the Monastery itself. I assume those who killed Ghul located it. Our agents followed this most interesting trail, and found that any keys that were once guarded there are gone. Taken. We must find who did this. We must have these keys. Someone hunts them as we do Sun’Zael. - M

Markus, Much has happened, of which I cannot describe now. There is a group that hunts our keys as we do. They’ve located the Oakhurst key – I’ve taken it from them. It’s no longer wise for me to stay within the borders of the city – I plan to move my Black Skulls to another location – The bug bears grow restless. I will bring the key to you as soon as I can… If you’d remove the portal block incantation, you’d have it this moment. - S

Sun ‘ Zael, What? Bring me the key now, forget the Black Skulls. I will not remove the incantation – it would be too great a risk. Who is this group? Have you had the Fire Knives track them? - M.

Sun’Zael, Respond Sunzael! I must know what is happening! - M

SunZael and Markus Conversation Note

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