Regarding Mu

Though the forgotten land of Mu is a living, breathing realm, its very physical presence is directly affected, and therefore altered by those who live within it, enter it, or change it.

To manipulate the natural order of Mu is to change the very fabric of its reality. It is, in a sense, a living organism itself – Or, as if the dream of a sleeping man. He shapes it with his very memories. Whisper suggestions to the sleeping man, and you color his dreams and change it. Mu is as a fragile, malleable dream that is best left alone.

Though precious little is known of the fantastical realm, it is known that Mu’s wellbeing is tied to the energies that flow through other planes of existence. For example, It is recorded that millennia ago, a hurricane blasted through a section of Mu, and for several decades since, the Ethereal Plane and the Plane of Pandemonium clashed, created a cataclysmic magical surge that desolated thousands.

Mu is mysteriously safeguarded from outsiders, for to introduce foreign entities to it, is to risk the balance of its order, gambling the wellbeing of untold beings throughout existence.

For its safety, the very existence of Mu is kept secret. The fewer who are aware of it, the fewer will try to enter it – or worse, harness, take advantage of, or abuse its vast power. Many who have heard of its existence disregard it as a fairy tale.

Though Mu has seemingly been at peace for millennia, it is nevertheless susceptible to harming itself, via it’s own inhabitants. Some prophecies point at such disasters, but, several of these prophesized dates have come and passed with no visible changes to the realms. We must assume that this means The Land of Mu is in natural balance and order, and all is well.

Regarding Mu

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