Little is known about the reasoning behind the strange fate of the Great Elven Temple, Possiah. Once a lavish temple complex devoted to the Gods Boccob, Corellon Larethian, & Heironeous, it was built within the heart of the Ackalabrelle Kingdom in Darielle Forest. The few surviving Ackaladrelle mages held a mysterious ritual near the end of the Inter – Dimensional War; combining their arcane efforts to teleport Possiah out of Darielle Forest seemingly with a potent magical artifact kept safe within it. The artifact, its link to the Ackaladrelle family, and the reasoning behind it’s secrecy are largely unknown, and kept secret by the surviving Ackaladrelle family members, of which few are believed to have lived beyond the destruction of their Kingdom near the end of the War.

Of all rumours surrounding Possiah, there is but one that is thought to be accountable. A surviving Acolyte present at the ritual had reportedly divulged the secret location of where Possiah was teleported to his grandchild. According to their passed on account, the complex was dropped into the Breywind Sea:

(On the next page of the book, the corners of a map are visible – but the page has been ripped out)

According to the account, a pact was made with the Sahaugin Empire on the ocean floor to safeguard Possiah from any who would try to venture within.

Many have speculated that the mysterious fate of Possiah is linked to the doom of the High King Ackalah, his tragic transformation into the Demon Lich Ackaladar, and his inexplicable disappearance, of which many scholars keystone as the final chapter in the Inter – Dimensional War. Some scholars dismiss this association as false, being that Possiah was reportedly teleported after the disappearance of Ackaladar.

Likely, only the speculated surviving Ackaladrelle family members know the true reasoning behind the Possiah Event, and its final resting place.


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