from the Ashenvale local archives…

Oakhurst lies roughly 5 days journey South down the Arlien Highway from Ashenvale. It is built upon the stone foundations of an old Dwarven fortress, believed to have been decimated and destroyed during the first years of the Inter Dimensional Wars. Few signs or structures remain of the original inhabitants, but it is rumored that Zoltan Averiel has converted the ancient underground holds and tunnel systems to his own uses.

As it is written, over 150 years ago a mage by the name of Zoltan Averiel came to these ruins, and by vast magical capabilities began the construction of his home, Cantael Tower. Encouraged by his prosperity, accomplished merchants and various people of wealth & affluence sought safety in the proximity of such a mighty magician, and began the construction of homes and trade shops around the tower. Not before long, protective stone walls were constructed around Cantael Tower, and the new settlement was dubbed Oakhurst.

By majority, the people of Oakhurst are an opulent crowd – Wealthy families are drawn to it’s thriving arcane culture, and often send their arcanely gifted children to study within the halls of Cantael Tower, under the tutelage of Zoltan Averiel’s apprentices.

Several inns, shops and temples can be found within the town walls, with homesteads and rough merchants buildings expanding out beyond.


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