Note From Zoltan

This note was given to the party the day after their initial meeting with him, via the magical communication scroll they’d been given. It illustrates his research into the Wee Jas Cult, their suspected leaders, and their connection to the sinister Fire Knives’ organization.


I’ve managed to have some research done on who may be behind these recent acts in Cuthbert Hamlet – those you believe to be hunting keys to a Portal Gate. I will tell you what I know, but first, two things concern me: - Do these cultists know the location of the Portal Gate? - How did you yourself locate such a thing?

If we can safeguard its location, I would sleep lighter – whatever it is they hope to find behind it, it cannot be anything good. Nothing from that horrible time was.

Regarding what I’ve learned of these Wee Jas cultists… - Several years ago, a radicalist group of Wee Jas initiates had been disowned and cast out by the High Clergy of Wee Jas in Arvanta for going against the base teachings of their deity. - Though I could not discern any information on their ambitions, or what specifically they were cast out for, I did learn one name: Markus Viltruvean. He is suspected to be behind the initial breaking point from his sect. It is unknown where he is now. It may be prudent to further investigate this man. - I’ve also found information on the one called Sun’Zael. She was known to be a promising young mage, though her thirst for arcane power and knowledge had her expelled from two Arcane Universities in a mere 20 years – She’s been accused of consorting with demons. She had been seen within churches of Vecna, but it seems nobody has seen hide nor hair of her for several years.

Perhaps their dealings with the Fire Knives may yield some clues, but I do warn you: try to stay discreet. They are not an organization you want hunting you. In fact, if you find an encounter with Galbraeth is necessary, I highly recommend you seek him out at his vineyard home – an altercation in the streets of Oakhurst with him would cause a domino of black lash for myself, and the town guard. It would be best if few knew that you sought him out. If I may be of further assistance, please write – otherwise I trust this to what I hope are your capable hands. One last thing: It seems your friend Higgins has branched out with his vocabulary. Along with “Alberre, Taken, Pretty Lady, Red Cloak & Gnocci, he has now begun saying “Cold… Help” I don’t know if that’s of any use to you. Best of luck.


Note From Zoltan

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