Mayor Topal

The mayor of the town of Ashenvale.

Mayor Topal hired the adventuring party to investigate the mysteries within the ancient The Barons Mansion, on the outskirts of town near the base of the mountain range to the West, after his first investigation group, a band of hobgoblins, had not reported in for several days.

The mayor hired the adventurers after they’d defeated the Ashenvale Elite guard, in an attempt to rescue several persecuted villagers. After they’d disposed of the Elite Guard, Mayor Topal offered the adventurers an ultimatum: Become the new Elite Guard, or face the wrath of his guardian, Toncar Mountain Eater – a giant, cannon wielding ogre.

Orna, one of the villagers accused of going near the Barons Mansion property, highly suspects Mayor Topal. He believes he is trying to find something within the mansion, that could hold extremely powerful magic.

Mayor Topal

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