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_We find our adventurers coming together in a small area known to them only as “The Valley.” Nestled deep in the west of the Arlien Kingdom, it seems that much of the sleepy valley is devoted to agriculture. Though several substantial protected settlements dot the countryside, many small hollows, hamlets and villages are as yet unmarked and unrecognized by the outdated Arlien Kingdom map.

  • Update: The ghost of Alain divulged knowledge of the ancient Inter Dimensional War that was waged within the valley many centuries ago. Though once a region rich with culture and booming with economy, the horrors of a magical war unleashed through the dimensional portals have laid waste to all that once was, leaving only ruins and vestiges as grim reminders. With the passage of centuries, this troubled time has been mostly forgotten, and young settlements have been established amongst the wreckage. Most all of the known dimension portals have been destroyed, or long since barred and buried. _ Ashenvale, The Barons Mansion,Cuthbert Hamlet,Oakhurst, Fallcrest, Wittenburgh, Darielle Forest


Inhabitants of The Valley that the Adventurers have come across. Mayor Topal, Orna,The Paladin Alain, ‘Xa Ghul, Caleb, Lord Elezzar & Duke Divingsworth, Zoltan Averiel, Bang, Alberre, Lord Galbraeth, Sun’Zael, Markus Viltruvean

Notes & Records Notes of pertinent importance the party has been given or come across Note From Zoltan, Note Found on ‘Xa Ghul in Cuthbert Monastery,SunZael and Markus Conversation Note, Possiah, Regarding Mu, Valen’s Story


You guys. Feel free to back story this. Dorfit, Evora Dradley, Sprocket, Eoin Rothschild, Tramel Copperfist

The Journey Thus Far

The Epic Journey Edited by Dorfit

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