George/Michael world (hah!)

The Quest Unfolding
Where are we at?

Well im not sure where you guys started, but someone could email me or just type in here what you guys were up to. i can update this if you have new info as the weeks go by.

Ill start with what i know thus far.

I got a bad memory, so here goes, and i only remember what we did from what i entered, so feel free to come in before everything i say and change it up.

----->  You can start here.

Our band of small to large and rather bizzare group of mifits and uptight crew battled a living plant and found out that inside was a creature inside controlling it. We recieved some items. (insert items here) A magic belt granting strength,

We continued to move into another room and found a body on a bed, and with some smooth moves one someones part we with the exception of Dorfit running and diving down a hole in the floor deafeated him with ( ) doing the killing blow and found a chest of untold fortune, that was shared with all with the full ammount untold.

The group then continued to town to rest recoup and then come back, and leave Dorfit down a hole that he ended up finding a key and a ammulet of unknown origin and combing the places opened for a powder that he found earlier that gave him some interesting attributes (red skin, 7 fingers, webbed feet, as well as feeding his dead pet flex, that grew him one size and sprouted wings). and ate everything he found, giving him everything from a tail to no arm being blind, to an eyeball on his tongue and forehead to his final change of glowing eyes and stone skin that took all his body hair in the process. Leaving him very happy and a few hundred extra pounds stronger.

They then proceded to go down a hallway and enter a booby trapped room and set off some traps but found at the end of the room 3 boxes and managed to get them all out with the help of some mindless Goblins? or Gnomes? and with 1 only making it out and the rest being trapped in, a newly powder fed Dorfit with some tougher skin,ran through the wall to where the boxes were, and stripped naked escorted everything out that needed to be and with all boxes intact (craigs toon, Dorfit and i forget who and what the other box was) opened the three and found a portal room in one, a screaming something or other in one and (fill in here what it was.

We then continued on to the next room and in doing so came upon 2 spiders quickly dispatched and seperated into 2 groups and charged into a bigger room and charged into a giant queen spider that almost killed (Kyle’s toon) in one swipe leaving him amost dead. (George’s toon) i think calls the goblins to help in which 3 die instantly and everyone but Dorfit (who did run off to find the giant to use the amulet) were there to help kill and defeat the spider with ( ) doing the killing blow.

The group then moved onto going to a room use only by a key that (kyle’s toon) pick pocketed from (craig’s toon) in which he tried to put back into his pocket, not so well. lol They then used the stolen, rereturned key and the door was opened. In the room was the golem that was used to open a portal with (kyle) and Dorfit on the golems back and everyone else staying behind with a rope tied onto the golem tried to pull them out and ended up was no point, it was safe.

They entered a ornate hallway that lead to a caved in wall ahead, and a open bridge just to the right. Everyone except Dorfit Flex and the Golem went ahead. in the first room a suit of armour was found and they moved forward with only part of the group making it down the stairs and the rest stuff to fight the animated armour. (finding that someone tripped a trap closing the door and activating the armour) As this was going on Dorfit tried and failed miserably to cross the bridge activating a giant hammer that destroyed the bridge. Flex not being used to flying tried to reach the top of the swinging hammer had his wing torn off and was severly injured. Dorfit then turned his attentoin to helping the group in the room after (craig) mentioned what was going on. As the armour was being fought the other found a trap that was activated by a drunk dwarf ( ). Thing opened and needless to say a Hydra blew fire at them when the door was opened. (george) stayed back saying”fuck this” and ranged as other fought the hydra. with the killing blow done by our spider killing dwarf ( ).

Going back to the room that was fucked up by Dorfit they made it across, but not without (kyle) getting stuck and somehow falling 120 feet and landing on his feet and not dying. Opening a door with the golem they entered a very large room with 2 symbol etched circles in either corner and a device the same design as the ceter was decifered by (craig) and Dorfit. They all moved to another room where a lunatic pulled a flaming sword and charged us before we could all get in. Eventually he was surrounded (kyle) disarming the sword and throwing it to the side and probablly saving us all without realizing it because it blew up into a big fireball. And the man was killed with (the golem) doing the killing blow. In the other room across from the one they just entered was a giant ogre? That was dead, keys were used on each giant pull switch that was in each room and that freed the hold on the main center that ( ) aligned to open a hand marked indent in the giant portal that the golem touched, seized up and a small chamber opened, revealing a picture of a diety on what looked like a tablet as well as marks in the golem that what looked like rings were used as well. Asuming that other carried the keys and all must be found to open the portal they headed out onto the next journey.

  • PART 2*

Standing at the entrance of the doors as the characters came out was a monk (mikes toon) and joining the group they headed back to town and split up into 2 groups where one group came across some people in a tavern that were clearly beat up and scared, that told of there town that was ass raped by some flying demon and zombie like undead creatures.

The other group went to the mayors office and (kyle) lying of course as to best keep all information away from him sensing him greedy was told to keep searching and moved on to the rest of the group. With words exchanged and everyone suited up and prepaired to move onto this town to help the villagers with this untold scourge headed out.

The group came into the town and seeing no combat and bored as hell our warrior yells in the middle of the town and out pops undead people and all were dispatched in a quickly mannor with a few highlights of the monk showing some spectacular kick kills.

With the group moving forward they came to the main building and (craig) asking to be let in, were met by 2 giant trolls and some range taking shots at us were quickly dispatched and moved inside.

More guards were fought, a young priest was killed more guards were found and killed, a cleric was found wounded, was left and in another room the group found a group of orcs and trolls playing cards were interrupted. Naturally a fight insued all were killed, some getting away to call for help down a side door.

Now with everything sort of up to date feel free to change add and put in your toons names, some side stories that you did inbetween and what you found if you like as well. i would try but i just spent like 3 hours or more typing all this out. lol Ill prolly add and get more info this Sunday so i can change and add some things.

Please add more. Thanks.  Brad.

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