Markus Viltruvean



Little is known of Markus Viltruvean, besides the information discovered by Zoltan:

several years ago, a radicalist group of Wee Jas initiates had been disowned and cast out by the High Clergy of Wee Jas in Arvanta for going against the base teachings of their deity. Though I could not discern any information on their ambitions, or what specifically they were cast out for, I did learn one name: Markus Viltruvean. He is suspected to be behind the initial breaking point from his sect. It is unknown where he is now. It may be prudent to further investigate this man.

As illustrated in the intercepted magical scroll taken from Sun’Zael, it seems Markus commanded the attack on Cuthbert Hamlet, as well as Sun’Zael’s investigation of Portal Keys around Oakhurst. According to the scroll, it seems he’s also been coordinating research in Fallcrest through an agent named Baelzen on a supposed underwater ruin by the name of Possiah.


Markus Viltruvean

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