A powerful, seemingly high ranking sorcerer in league with the Wee Jas cult


Sun’Zael has been a prominent force working with the Wee Jas cultists. Though little is known of her, Zoltan Averiel has uncovered the following information:

She was known to be a promising young mage, though her thirst for arcane power and knowledge had her expelled from two Arcane Universities in a mere 20 years – She’s been accused of consorting with demons. She had been seen within churches of Vecna, but it seems nobody has seen hide nor hair of her for several years.

Sun’Zael was responsible for the investigation of the Portal Keys in and around Oakhurst, and successfully took Lord Elezzar’s key from The Adventurers on the threat of executing a defenseless child. Upon the siege of her hideout, it was discovered within her chambers two summoning portals – One bearing the marks of Wee Jas, and the other of Vecna, a God of Destructive and Evil Secrets, Magic, and Knowledge. From these portals were summoned a Chain Demon & a Beard Demon – upon their defeat monikered ‘Bush & Chainy.’

Sun’Zael managed to escape the Adventurers attack, but not before branding Evora with a mysterious magical beam that pierces the sky like a spotlight upon magical detection. Sun’Zael’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but it’s apparent that she reports to a man by the name of Markus Viltruvean.



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