A cowardly, fearful antique merchant


Update In a sudden burst of inexplicable courage (or desperation,) Alberre has decided to leave Oakhurst and his family antique shop, sell off his few belongings, pick up Higgins and a newly acquired lute, and join The Adventurers on their journeys. Hoping to gain inspiration and knowledge from their deeds, it is Alberre’s dream that he might become an accomplished lutemaster, and regale the land with melodies of epic adventure. Of course, he’ll have to learn how to play the lute first. And stay out of the way long enough that he survives The Adventurers dangerous quest… But with Higgins at his side (or in his backpack) Alberre feels optimistic and even excited for his future journey, for the first time since he can remember. Time will tell whether his romantic optimism is naive and lands him in a world of misfortune, or if he will successfully navigate the dangerous road ahead.

Alberre is the son of the merchant who owns ‘Wondrous Finds Antiques and Sundries’ located in Oakhurst. The store and trade is a family occupation passed down through Alberre’s lineage, though he seems to have little interest in continuing the tradition of locating and hunting down rare and exotic items around the Kingdom, risking life and comfort for dusty old relics.

Alberre maintains the storefront while his father is out on long lasting merchant routes. Alberre is accompanied by his poorly crafted Homonculus, Higgins – a gift from his grandfather. He has the air of a bored, apathetic young man who has yet to find any ambition in his life. Perhaps growing up amongst the comforts of Oakhurst, but not possessing any great wealth himself has left Alberre feeling listless.



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