Zoltan Averiel

High Mage of Cantael Tower, unofficial ruler of Oakhurst


Zoltan Averiel is the powerful mage who created, maintains and runs Cantael Tower. Because of this, he is vicariously responsible for the founding of Oakhurst.

Though his early life is unknown, centuries ago Zoltan came to the location on which Oakhurst is built. At this time the area was merely ruins of a Dwarven fortress which had been destroyed during the Inter Dimensional Wars. By vast magical capabilities, he began the construction of his home, Cantael Tower. Encouraged by his prosperity, accomplished merchants and various people of wealth & affluence sought safety in the proximity of such a mighty magician, and began the construction of homes and trade shops around the tower. Not before long, protective stone walls were constructed around Cantael Tower, and Oakhurst was born, elevating Zoltan to the status of un official ruler and protector of the young city.

Averiel seems to keep to himself and his studies for the most part, only stepping in to advise on the rulership of Oakhurst when he is most needed. Though introverted, he has taken an interest in supporting and endorsing the Adventurers in their secretive quest for the Portal Gate keys.


Zoltan Averiel

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