Lord Elezzar & Duke Divingsworth

Upper class gentlemen from Oakhurst


Two wealthy gentlemen from Oakhurst – hunting friends and business partners.

Duke Divingsworth resides in Oakhurst with his daughter Felicia, in a opulent manor located in the inner district. Although uppity and class conscious, The Adventurers magically coaxed him into believing that they’d saved his life in a street side altercation. Divingsworth is a stout, some might say swarmy man with a large handlebar moustache. He seems to have become enamored with the barbarian Evora Dradly. It is unclear exactly what it is Duke Divingsworth does, or how he claims his fortunes.

Lord Elezzar lives outside of Oakhurst, but frequently visits to partake in hunting parties with the Duke in the nearby forests. He is a handsome elf of eccentric nature, and likely hasn’t lifted his finger to work for a day in his long life. It is rumored that Elezzar is an exile from a far province of the Arlien Kingdom, having relocated to The Valley in secret to avoid unknown hostilities. It is however, common fact amongst the upper class of Oakhurst that Elezzar loves two things: Collecting rare artifacts, particularly of the Inter Dimensional Wars era, and betting copious amounts of gold on sports and games.


Lord Elezzar & Duke Divingsworth

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