'Xa Ghul

Commander in the cult of Wee Jas


‘Xa Ghul was the half fiend found trying to magically torture the Portal Keys location out of the ghost of The Paladin Alain beneath the St. Cuthbert Monastery. The Adventurers intervened and defeated him, and also disabled and destroyed the Necromancer Stone he was using to raise the dead in St. Cuthbert Hamlet. it seems ‘Xa Ghul was leading the cult of Wee Jas following Necromancers that attacked the hamlet. Upon his body, a note was found:

”’Xa Ghul,

In service to our lady Wee Jas, take the ruins of St. Cuthbert and find that fool Alain. He shall be cursed to an eternity as spectre, but should retain his sanity. Break him, and find the location of his gate keys. others in service are investigating the suspected locations of other keys. Sun’Zael sends word from Oakhurst. Meet her there once you have the keys.

- M  "

'Xa Ghul

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