The Paladin Alain

A Paladin of St. Cuthbert, long since dead


The Paladin Alain is a hero of the Ashenvale region, and is regarded as one of the founding fathers of the St. Cuthbert Faith in The Valley. He is credited with the reconstruction of the Cuthbert Hamlet Monastery, and defeating the pillaging cloud giant Morah.

Alain’s time is long over – His legacy is darkened by his little known association with the followers of the God Wee Jas, in an effort to further his studies in resurrection. This cooperation is a taboo topic of discussion amongst St. Cuthbert followers.

  • In the cleansing of the St. Cuthbert Monastery, the adventurers freed the ghost of Alain from magical torture conducted by a Half Fiend Wee Jas follower known as ‘Xa Ghul, who seemed to be commanding the recent attack on the Monastery. Alain has implored the Adventurers to locate and secure the remaining keys to the Portal, which the adventurers found within the armoire portal found in The Barons Mansion, and further investigate the newly surfaced Wee Jas cult, who seem to be on a mission to locate the keys themselves – for nefarious reasons as suspected by Alain.

-Alain admitted that in life, he allowed clerics of Wee Jas safe haven in the cavern system beneath the St. Cuthbert Monastery, in return for their research into his lifelong obsession – the perfection of Divine Resurrection. He has instructed the adventurers to find his Portal keys within a protected tomb at the bottom of this cavern system.

- Alain does not know why the Wee Jas cult hunts the keys. He only knows that in life, he and several other people of high stature were tasked with guarding them. He was not told what lies beyond the portal, and he does not know the identity of the other guardians, save The Baron himself. Alain has instructed the Adventurers to return to him should they seek advise or opinion in their quest.


The Paladin Alain

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