Male, 45 years old, 3'3" tall, Neutral Good


level 9 15 HP max str 10 + 1 – 2 dex 14 + 2 con 15 + 2 int 13 + 1 wis 13 + 1 cha 17 + 3

speed 20 init. mod. +2

AC 14 Touch AC 12

Fort + 3 Reflex + 3 Will + 5


Cantrips Dancing Lights 1/day Ghost Sound 1/day Prestidigitation 1/day Speak With Animals 1/day

Level 0 6/day Daze Detect Magic Read Magic Light Disrupt Undead Mage Hand

Level 1 6/day Magic Missile Identify Burning Hands Mage Armor

Level 2 3/day Summon Swarm Melf’s Acid Arrow


In some ways Sprocket is a very typical gnome; he is intelligent and curious. in other ways, Sprocket is very un-gnome-like. Unlike most gnomes, he has no real mistrust of the taller races, nor any special affinity for other small races. He tends to judge others as individuals by what they say and do.

His magical talents caused problems in his youth. His fellows often shunned him as an outcast due to his unpredictable outbursts of magic. Now, at 45 years old and just barely an adult, he has grown accustomed to being on his own.

Growing up isolated, he poured his attention into learning. Reading, watching, disassembling, he set out to know as much as he can about everything. When his home and workshop were destroyed in a particularly volatile experiment, he decided it was time to go see the world for himself, and to find the wonders described in his beloved (now burnt) books. Packing up what supplies could be salvaged from the wreckage, he set out on the road in seek of knowledge and power.


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