• March 27th – So new stuff is up on the page – I’ve also decided to put a new section in the Wiki – ‘Notes and Records’. Since story and plot is developing faster now, I thought it would be helpful to host the notes the party finds up here so that you can read and review them, and that will hopefully help you digest and decide what it is they mean and what you’ll do with them, and you’ll be able to go into the game with a bit more of a solid comprehension of all the goings on. Though in game time the party isn’t taking any breaks in their quest so far, I figure having a week between sessions probably makes it harder to remember everything that’s happening..Hopefully this helps. Let me know if there’s anything else that would be helpful that you’d like to see up.
  • March 23 – Sorry for lack of updates – lots will be added in the next few days (if anyone is still reading)
  • Updated Feb 23rd – NPCs, Locations.

Welcome to the amazing wiki of our dnd shenanigans. Check out the map & the wiki tabs- I’ve started updating stuff and linking wiki articles (NPCs, locations) as we go. Lets pack it with as much fun descriptive info as we can.

George/Michael world (hah!)

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